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Sucker in the Dirt

February 02nd, 2017

My husband, Stephen, uses this phrase at times, "He threw his sucker in the dirt..." The first time he used it, I had to ask him to clarify what he meant because I had never heard that phrase before. (Which, incidentally, is not unusual: the Hendrixes have all kinds of sayings most of us have never heard before!) He told me it meant that the person gets offended and behaves like a child who...

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Ask Jesus to Lead the Meeting

November 09th, 2016

When you ask Jesus to lead the meeting you’re in and remain submitted and attentive to his Spirit he transforms the community and the outcomes of the meeting. It’s the key to ministry Leadership.

“We don’t Have Time to Pray”

In 30 years of Christian ministry for a variety of organizations I’ve been in a lot of meetings. Staff meetings. Pastoral staff meetings. Ministry event...

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Be a Better Bi-Vocational Pastor

November 09th, 2016

I spent my first few years of ministry as a bi-vocational pastor. For those who may not know the term, being bi-vocational means I was a pastor but I sought other work to supplement my income.

I still have a heart for those who hold down two jobs, sometimes both of them approaching full-time. Additionally, I think more pastors are going to have to consider bi-vocational ministry in the...

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What Makes a Good Pastor?

November 09th, 2016

A few years ago, Pulpit & Pew Research  published “What do Lay People Want in Pastors?” Here is a summary … see what you think.

Demonstrated competence and religious authenticity.
Search committees want pastors who have the ability to do the work required and a genuine religious life that brings together both “head and heart.”

Good preacher and leader of worship.
Regional leaders...

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