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Short Devotional for Women:

Laughter -  

This devotional was written by Leslie Snyder


There is a time to weep and a time to laugh. — Ecclesiastes 3:3a


One of our family’s favorite songs is from the musical, Mary Poppins. “I Love to Laugh” is sprinkled with laughter and often begins a contagious wave of the giggles. The lyrics give a bit of insight into this silly gift of laughter:


When things strike me as funny

I can't hide it inside

And squeak - as the squeakelers do

I've got to let go with a ho-ho-ho...

And a ha-ha-ha...too!


We love to laugh

Loud and long and clear

We love to laugh

So ev'rybody can hear

The more you laugh

The more you fill with glee

And the more the glee

The more we're a merrier we!

It’s getting worse every year.*


Some think that Jesus was always serious, that He never laughed. It is true, that it is never recorded in the gospel accounts that Jesus laughed. Still, Jesus knew the Scriptures. He knew the passage from Ecclesiastes, that there is “a time to laugh.” In Luke, chapter 10, after Jesus has sent out 72 of His followers on a mission and they had returned and given their report, we read, “And he (Jesus) said to them, ‘I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning…’ At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, I praise you Father…” In my own mind, I don’t see it a stretch to envision Jesus laughing.


Recent statistics share that laughter peaks at the age of four, meaning that four-year-old children laugh more than they will at any other age. Statistics also reveal the healing power of laughter. Laughter decreases stress, releases natural mood-lifting endorphins, fights off depression, and strengthens the body. It is also a gift from God and music to his ears. So, whether you are four, 40, or 94, or whether you snicker, tee-hee, or enjoy a full-belly laugh, find time today to laugh.



1. How is your sense of humor? When was the last time you had a really good laugh?


2. How does laughter affect your life? How can it serve to strengthen your life as a Christ-follower?



Nehemiah 8:10; Psalm 66:1; Isaiah 55:12; Galatians 5:22


*"I Love to Laugh", lyrics by Sherman & Sherman

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Short Devotional for Men:


"My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle." - Job 7:6 

Men have always had a love affair with speed. The faster they can go--first with horses, then with cars and now with space shuttles--the happier they are. Speed has increased to the point where we have moved from measuring events by the calendar (years, months, weeks) to often measuring them in nanoseconds (one billionth of a second) to reflect how fast things are moving. And what's more, each increase in speed is usually greeted with enthusiasm.

But that was not the case with Job. He bemoaned a speed that most of us are not too thrilled about--the speed with which the days of our lives go by. The fastest object Job had to compare his life to was the shuttle used by a weaver to create a piece of cloth. A skilled weaver could sling the shuttle back and forth at eye-blurring speed. Job's lament was that his days seemed to be going by as quickly as the weaver's shuttle.

The longer we live, the faster our days do seem to go by. Even though 24 hours is still the same, the events of our lives begin to stack up quickly on the history side. At the same time, the future side gets shorter and shorter, and the events of life seem to come more rapidly. This should motivate us to make sure that we diligently invest our time more wisely. As the days speed by like a weaver's shuttle, make sure you accomplish each day what the Lord wants you to do.

If you are putting things off until "someday," stop procrastinating. Do them now. Someday will be here and gone before you know it. The days of your life are being played out as rapidly as the fast-moving weaver's shuttle. Someday the shuttle will be stilled. Don't be caught with work for the Lord left undone.

Make sure when the cloth of your life is finished that no threads are missing.

Dr. Woodrow Kroll served as President and Senior Bible Teacher at Back to the Bible from 1990-2013. Author of more than 50 books, Dr. Kroll's passion is to increase Bible literacy in America by engaging people in the Bible and connecting them with the Author. His clear, incisive teaching of the Word keeps him in demand as a speaker all over the world. - See more at:

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